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Meet Kimberly

I'm only the catalyst  helping you realize the solution has always been within you.

Kimberly Pitts

Several years ago I began feeling unfulfilled. Every waking day felt an angst in my spirit to become more and do more.  Just didn’t know what “becoming more” nor what “doing more” looked like. One day, the revelation came to me to become a Life Coach. I’d always been the person people gravitated to to share their concerns, seek advice/solutions, and guidance. Their feedback was always positive and it felt like I helped in a contributory way.  So, I began the journey of edifying myself by taking various training's and classes, reading books,  attending conferences, hiring a business coach, etc. to enhance my innate and self-experienced knowledge.  


Today, I am an evolved Master Life Coach, Strategist, Speaker, and Writer who holds degrees in Social Sciences and General Studies; certifications in Life Coaching leading up to a Master Certification. 


I help women with Life Purpose (discover why you are here and the value you can bring or offer), Mindset (overcoming limiting beliefs and increase confidence growth). Also, overcoming betrayal and regaining trust.

Ready to facilitate the process to help you uncover your best self. 

Until then,


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